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Breaking Free

A poem by me....

I’m not quite sure how to forge my path anymore

These lanes confuse me.

I’m told to do -

stop thinking!

and perhaps, it will find me.

But the thoughts in my head tell me otherwise,

they say, "no, cling to me!

We must plan first, my love, before we proceed."

But this planning is paralyzing, I’m in constant war with me. I don’t understand where to go, or precisely where to be.

I want to break free, live the life I know I could. But could feels unachievable, so I settle for “all good...”

But that’s where I stop, paralyzed again.

All good is not the life I want to lead, no, that can’t be my end...

So I continue in this balance, of wanting more but settling for less. This paralyzing feeling, the courage to progress.

I wish I could see myself in others eyes, how I shine so bright. But unfortunately for me, life does not provide that light.

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