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Long Island City Brewery Tour

When I first moved to New York City, I explored every inch and transversed as many crevices as possible. I journeyed around Central Park, got lost in Lower Manhattan, and treked through Fort Tryon Park. What I didn't do was explore the boroughs outside of Manhattan.

Big Mistake.

Everyone knows Brooklyn is the new pop spot and Astoria's got the food, but what about Long Island City? Pure liquid gold.

And by that, I mean BEER.

LIC is the perfect landscape for warehouse breweries decked with garage door windows and bathrooms located in the "abandoned office building next door." Ambiance aside, these breweries have some of my FAVORITE beers in all of NYC. And that's saying a LOT!

Here's the list:

(Honorary Mention to Transmitter Brewing which used to be #1 on my list. They have since moved to the Brooklyn Navy Yards where they have upgraded quite substaintially. Highly recommend a visit to them)

And just cause you're special, here's a map:

Hope you have fun!



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